Normally, contract manufacturing companies that focus on steel fabrication, cement milling and all other aspects of mechanical engineering, consist of large, impersonal and industrial plants. People believe that when its necessary to contact these large companies, the contact is cold and clinical because these companies are not interested in the customer or their business, but only in meeting their quotas.

At Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co., we understand the needs of our customers. We know that the people of Oshawa, Ontario and our international clients, are more than just sources of income to meet targets and quotas. At Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co., we specialize not only in manufacturing for oil, gas, cement and steel industries, but we go above and beyond to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Why The Personal Touch? 

In any business, a personal touch is important to appeal to the human nature of the customer. After all, behind all the corporate jargon such as ‘legal entities’, ‘debtors’ and ‘creditors’, human beings enjoy interacting with other human beings. Restaurants have waiters that introduce themselves. Post Office workers make small talk while deliveries are processed. One goes back to their local coffee shop because the barista knows how they like their cappuccino. This is the way humans are hard-wired, and it becomes a lot more important when dealing with contract manufacturing companies.

Successful contract manufacturing companies, such as Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co., understand that behind every job there is a need. We go over and above to ensure not only that the job is done perfectly and to standard, but we also endeavour to understand the rationale behind the request from the client and to ensure that the client’s needs are met. The personal touch is what separates a functional piece of equipment or building from one that is a pleasure to work within the course of everyday life.

Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. 

For almost 50 years, Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. have been serving the Ontario area and international community as specialists in steel fabrication, for gas, oil, mining and cement industries. Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. is as good as contract manufacturing companies get. For more information about steel fabrication, machining or mechanical engineering, contact us today.

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