Machine Rebuilding Services

Businesses that rely on heavy equipment and machinery for day-to-day operations often have to make tough decisions. When it comes down to it, is it better to rebuild the machine or purchase a new one? Companies in the oil and gas, mining, cement, and steel industries have lots of heavy machines, and they’re not cheap. When one of their machines breaks down, it’s a big expense no matter what. It’s not as easy as running to the hardware store and getting some parts and moving on. Repairs take time, men, materials, and money.


Rider Tool and Manufacturing is proud to offer machine rebuilding services. We have extensive knowledge of the machinery used in many industries. Rebuilding machinery will save you a lot of money in the long run. Sourcing new heavy equipment isn’t like buying a computer or copier for the office; it takes time and money, which would be better spent on fixing the machine instead of replacing it.


Rebuilding Is Better Than Rebuying

Buying new equipment isn’t always in the budget. More times than not, equipment rebuilding services are the only option—not just the best. Especially if you have a custom machine that was built specifically for your company. There probably aren’t replacement parts available for it. Rider Tool can machine new parts for your custom machine and repair them on site.


Keep Production Going Forward

Machine rebuilding services from Rider Tool and Manufacturing will quickly get production moving again. We understand that without that piece of equipment, your team is unable to produce your product. Every minute that machine is down is lost time and revenue for the company. We will diagnose the problem, come up with a solution, and make the repairs to get your operation moving again.

Contact Rider Tool and Manufacturing today for all your machine rebuilding needs. We are experts in machine tool repair—our machine rebuilding services are second to none.