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Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. is a well-known custom metal fabrication shop in Oshawa, Ontario, that presently manufactures, assembles, and rebuilds a variety of equipment for the oil and gas, cement, mining, and steel industries. We are a machining manufacturer that also offers sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, and fabrication services.

Our many years of experience and expert knowledge are applied from the moment of inception, throughout the entire fabrication, to final checks. We ensure high quality results upon completion of each specialized project.

We understand your business’s reputation is important to you, so your business and ours have a common understanding and goal. We’re here to help you deliver. That’s why we, unlike other metal fabrication companies, will customize our solutions for your business needs when necessary mitigating your pain points and industry challenges.

Through 45 years in precision machining and fabrication, we have developed our skills and knowledge to exceed industry standards. Our strong internal leadership, backed by highly qualified mechanical engineers and skilled tradespeople, have enabled us to provide machining services our clients can rely on. Your success is our success; we wouldn’t be around today without valuing these trusted relationships.


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With over 45 years of experience in machining manufacturing, Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. has adopted both quality precision and quality workmanship in our pursuit of excellence within our industry.

Our equipment and machines will surpass your expectations and requirements compared to other custom metal fabrication shops.


Metal Fabrication Companies & Our Primary Competencies


Rider was founded in 1968 by the Szakasci family. It was named after the very first Canadian-manufactured motorized snowmobile. We later became known as the creators of the “Rider-Ambulance,” used for winter rescues in Oshawa by St. John’s Ambulance.

Today, we specialize in custom metal fabrication and machining manufacturing work. These have become two of our main competencies setting us apart from other metal fabrication companies.

Our team is highly trained; we are determined to meet both our quality and delivery goals. As a custom machining manufacturer, we welcome all projects and challenges and answer those challenges by providing the best innovative solutions in today’s market.

We can provide quotes for your needs, regardless of quantity needed or size of the project. All of our clients benefit from our diversity and past experience within various sectors of the market. Your project is unique and our technical expertise inspires us to create new solutions tailored to your project goals and expectations.


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