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Many industries rely on custom manufacturing equipment and the manufacturing companies to supply them with the customized equipment and tools they require. Present customers in the oil and gas, mining, cement, or steel business know that Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. is one of the leading makers of custom manufacturing equipment. We are trusted by industries with extensive heavy-duty equipment needs. At Rider, we take care of every step of the process – from fabrication to assembly – to ensure maximum convenience for our customers. Our decades of experience in the business set us apart from other custom machining companies.


Oil and Gas


Companies in this industry move and process liquid and gas products, meaning all equipment used must be leak-proof and optimized for proper flow. One loose pipe or stray blockage can derail an entire facility and possibly even cause a significant loss of product. With so much on the line, only parts made by quality manufacturing companies will do.

We’ve produced components such as oil path swivels, U-joint couplers, and a variety of unique yokes and bearings used in the oil and gas industry. Our repeat customers prove that our parts are a solid and dependable choice for extraction and refining purposes. If you’re a part of this industry and looking for manufacturing companies to fill your fabrication needs, you can trust us to understand our responsibility to you and to never let you down.




When you’re within a mining plant, the last thing you need to deal with is an equipment failure that will set your extraction quotas back and possibly even put the safety of your crew at risk. Quality materials and skilled design are paramount, and the size of most mining equipment makes it difficult for just any manufacturing companies to handle orders for this industry.

Rider is perfectly equipped to produce components a mining operation needs, and all at premium-quality standards to ensure safety and effectiveness. From vital processing equipment such as SAG mills, ball mills and crushers to mine hoists, sheaves and slurry equipment, we make it all, and we know that it can keep up with the rigorous demands of full-scale mining operation.




Cement companies often find themselves at a loss when searching for custom machining companies that can fabricate all their necessary parts, tools, and other pieces of machinery. There may not be many manufacturing companies that can tackle all of the cement industry’s needs, but Rider is up to the task.

We know that cement production requires specialized, temperature-sensitive equipment such as kilns and coolers, so we make sure we adhere to stringent specifications when producing these, We also produce other equipment such as kiln rollers, grinding rollers and gear guards to help keep your cement manufacturing operation producing with the best equipment available.




As any steelmaker knows, there’s no environment in the world quite like a steel production facility. Industrial manufacturing equipment used in this context must be heat-resistant, reliable, and generally waterproof. It must also be able to withstand immense pressure and a constant barrage of stress and impact. These combinations call for impeccable construction and well-chosen materials in order to let the machines function smoothly.

We have full confidence in our ability to produce industrial manufacturing equipment and dependable products for your steel business. Our steel-making and rolling mills equipment, as well as the smaller support parts that we produce, have served many steel manufacturers for decades of operation. Our track record in this industry is one of top quality and service.