Metal alloys are metals that are developed through the mixing of base metals with other metals or new elements. They then take on specific properties that those base metals don’t have. These properties include more strength, durability, and flexibility. Specific alloys are created to include one or a combination of these qualities, while still retaining their own beneficial base qualities. Custom metal fabrication is a core component of the services offered by the top contract manufacturing companies in machining in Oshawa, Ontario.

The most common alloys are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and bronze.

  • Steel: An Alloy of Iron and Carbon 

Steel is created by mixing iron with carbon. This increases the strength and durability of the base metal iron. It also reduces the weight of the metal. Lighter, stronger and more durable than iron, steel is ideal as a building material – for everything from appliances to skyscrapers.

  • Stainless Steel: An Alloy of Steel 

Stainless Steel is created by mixing steel with chromium, aluminum, and other elements to create scratch, rust and corrosion resistant forms of steel. Highly versatile, durable and good-looking, stainless steel is used for everything from industrial equipment to bespoke cutlery.

  • Aluminum Alloys

A variety of aluminum alloys can be created by mixing the base metal with an assortment of other metals. This makes it the most versatile of the base metals. These alloys are characterized by being both lightweight and highly durable. They can be used for an almost endless array of architectural and industrial applications.

  • Titanium: The ultimate Alloy 

As strong as steel, lightweight, flexible and highly resistant to corrosion, titanium is renowned for its superior tensile strength and durability. Industrial applications have spurred innovation, particularly in the aerospace industry. And, its shine, durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures and all environmental conditions also make it a popular alloy for everything from supercar features to jewelry to dental implants.

  • Brass: An Alloy of Copper and Zinc 

Brass is resistant to corrosion and adds exceptional life-span to any application, making it ideal for pipes, valves, nuts, bolts and various other hardware applications.

  • Bronze: A Copper Alloy That Doesn’t Oxidize 

Bronze is far heavier than steel. But, it is strong, infinitely durable and has a very low melting point – making it ideal for coins and turbines. It can ‘discolour’ on the surface but does not oxidize further the way copper does.

Some alloys are less costly than the base metals they are made of, but they are all less costly in the long run thanks to their strength, durability, flexibility and targeted suitability for their varied and ideal applications. They also drive versatility and innovation, making it possible to machine just about anything and meet any design, manufacturing and application requirement.

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