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Consider 5 Things Before Partnering With A Metal Fabrication Company

Metal fabrication is an expensive endeavour. When partnering with contract manufacturing companies, you need to be assured that the quality of work you receive is up to standard. Your company’s profits, operational expenses and even the health and safety of your employees depend on the quality of work you receive from your custom metal fabrication company. To this end, Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. has created this list which should aid you in choosing a metal fabrication company that gives you the best value for money for every job.

  1. The Capability Of The Company
    You need to know that the company you are outsourcing your job to is actually capable of doing it. Many metal fabrication companies will take on jobs they are unable to properly complete. This will lead to delays, unexpected expenses and ultimately a shoddy final product. At Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co., no matter how large or small the job, we have the equipment and experience to take it on and to complete it to specifications.
  2. Customer Service
    Customer service is an all-important make or breaks factor for any company. The company’s ability to understand and deliver on the job assigned to them is what results in a happy, satisfied customer.
  3. Price
    When setting out on any business endeavour, the price is a very important factor. Every business seeks to minimize costs. Caution is advised when looking at quotes, however, as the age-old adage often rings true: “If it sounds too good to be true, it is”. Ensure that you get what you pay for without compromising on quality.
  4. Experience
    A company that has been doing steel fabrication and mechanical engineering for decades will likely be better at it than a new startup – with age comes experience. Experience means they have dealt with almost all the processing problems that may arise and know how to handle them. This untimely results in a more cost-efficient, on-schedule and better quality final product.
  5. Location
    Having a company close to your place of operation to handle your metal fabrication makes sense. Steel is heavy and bulky, meaning it costs a lot to transport. Reducing transportation costs is another cut in expense that will aid your business.

Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. 

With over 45 years in the business, Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. has the capability and experience to ensure you receive the best price and service in Oshawa, Ontario. For more information about metal fabrication, machining or mechanical engineering, contact us today.

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Mechanical engineering

5 Ways Our Mechanical Engineers Add Value to Your Solutions

Mechanical Engineering is one of the hardest disciplines that one can study. The long hours, large workload and difficult subjects act like a crucible which produces fantastic problem solvers. Our mechanical engineers don’t just do stress calculations; they solve problems creatively and organically. Here are 5 ways that mechanical engineering adds value to a custom metal fabrication problem in Oshawa, Ontario:

  1. Manufacturing Is Kept In Mind
    When you commission a steel fabrication job from us; we understand that that steel is part of a larger project. With a strong background in mechanical engineering, our experts ask the right questions and get the right knowledge to tailor this custom metal fabrication job to suit your needs. The larger scale and the finished product are always kept in mind to ensure easy and functional assembly.
  2. Unparalleled Knowledge
    Engineers have a ‘cradle to grave’ understanding of projects. Their knowledge of the refining, forging and manufacturing processes in steel manufacturing means that they have encountered problems all along the line before, and know how to solve them.
  3. Marriage of Needs to Services
    When you come to us with a custom job, there is a process that needs to happen from the steel stock we have to the finished item you need. Mechanical engineers “marry” our services to the solutions you need, and create a process that gives you the finished product you have been looking for.
  4. Professionalism
    Mechanical Engineering is the discipline of professionals. With mechanical engineers on our team, you can be assured that every item is to the correct spec. No corners have been cut and no cost-saving measures have compromised the integrity of your item. Every process will be communicated to you and the final piece will perform as intended.
  5. Life Long Learning
    Mechanical engineers keep up to date on the technological and scientific improvements of the industry, meaning every process we employ is state of the art. No outdated and inefficient operations will be allowed to persist.

Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. 

For over 45 years Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. has been employing the highest quality experts in the field of mechanical engineering. No matter how large or the small the job, we can get it done. For more information about metal fabrication, machining or mechanical engineering, contact us today.

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Metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication Insights: How Laser Cutting Works

Laser cutting is an extremely efficient and accurate method of custom steel manufacture.  While glorified in the media, lasers and laser cutting is actually an extremely scientific and methodical industrial procedure used to minimise man-hours and maximize quality.

Laser cutting is used right here in Ontario in both steel fabrication and custom metal fabrication. At Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co., we are professionals at using laser cutting to ensure our metal fabrication is perfect. As such we have written a short informative guide to how laser cutting works:

Laser Cutting 

What is a laser? A laser is a highly focused beam of light. It is comprised of a single wavelength (or colour). “LASER” is actually an acronym which stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

In metal fabrication plants, the laser cutters in use are Infra-Red lasers, making them invisible to the human eye. These lasers are guided in the machine by any number of mirrors, before being focused through a specially designed focusing lens. The beam is originally only ¾ of an inch wide, but the focusing lens reduces it even further to a pinpoint size. This has the exact same effect as focussing sunlight through a magnifying glass – only hundreds of times more powerful.

The ‘focal point’ of the laser is the point at which the laser beam is most narrowed and most intense. This point is aimed at the cutting surface, producing heat that is intense enough to instantly melt and in some cases, vaporise the work material instantly.

This laser head is controlled by a CNC machine, ensuring that every cut is perfect and no human lives are placed in unnecessary danger.

Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. 

Rider Tool and Manufacturing Co. is a machinist company that has been in the business for over 45 years. We specialize in manufacturing for the oil, steel, cement and mining industries, but we are able to do any kind of metal fabrication. For more information about metal fabrication, machining or mechanical engineering, contact us today.

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